A 7 day nutrition guide to reset your blood sugars, have confidence in knowing exactly what to eat, and discover what foods make you feel AMAZING

The 7 Day Blood Sugar Reset

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If you're not sure how food could ever not be the enemy as a t1d, STOP RIGHT NOW.

The easy to follow guide to minimize your confusion and overwhelm around Eating with t1D

“Lauren's  guidance when it comes to nutrition has made a huge impact on my blood sugar numbers and my mindset when dealing with food in my every day life.

Being able to better understand how food affects my blood sugars has given me more freedom to enjoy foods that I love without feeling guilty or running a high blood sugar for long periods of time.

 I am getting to a point where I have a plan + can say and feel that "sweets are not off limits". They can be a part of my life without being something that is labeled as 'BAD'. "

Cori F, Type 1 Diabetic

Results you'll experience

before the Reset

You’re stuck in a rut only eating "safe" foods because you're afraid other foods are too unpredictable

You're tired and overwhelmed by the idea of putting effort into meal prep/carb counting 

You really wish you could just have a plan to follow that is made for YOU

You're not taking time to prep meals in advance so hunger comes on fast. You know that you *need* to be better at pre-bolusing...

Snacking is a free for all or almonds are just not satisfying anymore

It feels like one day you're low carb, the other you add carbs in but spike and you don't know what to follow

After the reset

You’ll feel in control waking up Monday morning with your meals for the week prepped

You’ll see direct improvements in your blood sugars and have reflective tools to support you in your relationship with food

You’ll have a foundation you can *always* come back to if you're in need of a blood sugar reset

You’ll start to define success not in a perfect diet, but in curiosity and learning from trial and error. You'll never feel like you've "failed".

You’ll learn how to incorporate more carbs and have more confidence going outside your "safe foods"

You'll understand what to eat for better blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity ( aka you'll have more time in range)

I want to reset!

To summarize, you'll have ALL THE B.S:

 Better Blood sugars
Better Sleep
Better Support
Better Self-reliance
 Better Self Awareness
 Better Stamina
Better Sex
Better Sensitivity
 Better (mind)SET.

When I first sat down to create this nutrition guide, there was one thing I was certain of:

 I did not want this to solely be another batch of diabetes friendly recipes.

Surely, more recipes could help us get out of a food boredom rut (and I’ll supply you with plenty of those!)

BUT they don’t exactly help you put together a cohesive plan for yourself,

...give you insight into how certain foods impact you,

...and layout exactly what to eat and what to avoid for better blood sugars.

And THAT’S what this guide will help you with.

The central focus of diabetes is around food, and therefore our relationship with it is always going to be trickier to navigate that someone without diabetes.

We may never be able to fully shut off the mental nutritional calculation that is required of us,

...but we can make it less invasive of our emotional, social, and mental space.

Alright LB, tell me how this
 7 Day Reset Guide Works

7 day rESET pLAN

+plan and recipes for all meals and snacks each day
+ exact carb, protein, fat, fiber counts and glycemic index
+ grocery list + batch cooking support


Inside the Guide


+ food plan geared towards people with diabetes looking for balance and sustainable guidelines
+ exactly what foods to eat and what foods to avoid/limit
+ supports you through increasing insulin sensitivity, energy, sleep, + mind-set


Mindful Reflection sheets

+ a template sheet to help you make connections between your meals, mood, energy, and blood sugars.
+ helps you ask less of "what should i be eating?"
+ helps you ask more of "what foods have I learned make me feel my best?"


Post- Reset guidance

+ 20+ additional low glycemic, plant based recipes for after the reset
+ blank meal prep sheets with a space for carb counts to help make planning M-F easier
+ self Reflection trigger sheet to help you improve food cravings/ bingeing/ over eating


Approved Brands + dISCOUNTS

+ a list of my favorite packaged foods that I love and trust
+ healthier grab-and-go foods to integrate after you reset
+10-15% discount codes off of a few select foods


The nutrition guidelines worked for them. It'll work for you too


Octavia g, t1d

“ I was on a low carb/keto diet with a 7.8 A1C and did not allow myself to eat foods I very much enjoyed. Lauren helped me to gradually reintroduce carbs into my diet, which to my surprise, has been great for my blood sugar( lowered by A1C to a 6.2) and I have not gained any weight. Lauren’s programs are highly effective and full of insight.”

Alyssa C, T1d

"It wasn’t until I met Lauren that I realized I could genuinely feel in control more often than not. Lauren gave me better insight into foods that would help stabilize my blood sugars without feeling limited or going on a diet. Substituting these foods helped me feel in control and led me to feeling more positive about my numbers!"

Valentina M, T1D

“Lauren! Your nutrition guidelines have helped me understand how different food impact me and actually give me something to follow. Also, having this knowledge has helped me pre bolus more often and correctly and feel confident that I won't go high after eating!”

The 7 Day Reset is something you can always count on to bring you back to center. You can do it multiple times,whenever you need it, whether that be after traveling, after the holidays, or after a roller coaster blood sugar week.

Meet Your Coach

Lauren Bongiorno coaches and creates resources for people with Diabetes all over the world to achieve optimal diabetes management and feel strong and empowered. Lauren's practice is rooted in her 360 degree approach, emphasizing wellness throughout the mind and body, as well as lifestyle, and physiology. She believes that through self reflection and mindfulness we are better able to understand our own patterns, achieve our goals, and reform our most limiting habits. Lauren continues to be a leading voice in the online community to her 30k followers, is the author of the Diabetic Health Journal, is an ambassador for Lululemon, on the global council for Beyond Type 1, and was recently nominated by Pure Wow as one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs to watch for 2019 for her innovative work in the diabetic space.

Ready to Reset and feel better all around?

Let me give you a cohesive nutrition plan, insight into how foods impact your blood sugars, and layout exactly what to eat and what to avoid for feeling more in control with diabetes.

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